February 14, 2018

Wonderful Ideas for Favourite Place in House- “Room”

A heart n soul of any home is the bedroom which is a pad for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s an informal place and a seat of all dreams, aspirations, and hope. It’s a place where one winds off, distresses and entertains oneself. From one of the best interior designing Company in Delhi we believe that room should be the best corner of the house, because one has to spend one’s life here.

Similarly, this bedroom looks exquisite. In the backdrop of beige walls and with muddy fixtures, the room is a picture of serenity. The soothing colours of the bed cover and fuchsia pink cushions complemented well. The mild illumination of the lamps over both the sides of the bed lights up the room mildly. Artefact on the wall is a rectangular piece of abstract art, which gives an elegant look to the room.

The other splendid bedroom idea with olive green as its theme, the sprawling bed with olive pillows is the master creation for an ideal bedroom. The green in the room is the reflection of peace, beauty are appealing to the senses. The flowers on the side table are completely livening up the room. The mild backdrop of the cream coloured walls and flooring makes the room worth coming here to.

Here comes another magnificent room with beige and dark brown is the main colour theme of the room. The stunning wall paper and matching curtains do full justice to the beige and black bed. The fuchsia pillows stand out to add beauty to the impressive set up. The white flowers on the side table are in the rhythm with colour scheme of room.

These ideas from Interior designing company in Gurgaon, an ideal pads for the weary and the stressed to come home to.



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